Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our Pilgrims

Thursday afternoon, these few, these happy and eager few will wing off to holy pilgrimage. We are all most grateful for everyone who has made this trip possible.

Thank You!!

For fourteen days will walk the roads, hills & streets where so many have walked before. We will walk through the towns, the villages and the holy places that have changed so many who have walked there before. Our search?

To find the peace of Christ and to learn more faithfully how to ......

"Love Mercy, Do Justice, and to Walk Humbly with our God"


  1. I am most excited to be going along with you all, through your posts and blogs and to know that you and we are connected in spirit and in prayer.
    May God's Spirit attend each person as you walk where Jesus trod.
    Jackie Nowak

  2. Thanks to Dr. Nowak who put this pilgrimage together for these pastors. My prayers will be with you all for your safe travel. HiRho Park, GBHEM, UMC