Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sea of Galilee & the Primacy of Peter

Today we began with worship on the Mount of Beatitudes, then traveled to the Chapel of the Primacy of Peter. Here our pilgrims we able to experience the traditional site where Jesus and his Disciples may have frequently gathered.

We have many stories in our scriptures that refer to such gatherings and while no one can be certain of any location "historically" this site has much to recommend it. Good fishing, secluded and yet near to a possible location for the Sermon on the Mound and to Capernaum where we are told Jesus spent much of his time here in Galilee.

Our group is good, appropriately moved and feeling blessed and privileged. They are truly beginning to enter into retreat time and we hope are being renewed and refreshed. Much sharing continues throughout this very diverse group. To those at home, we are all well fed, well housed and well cared for here at ANSMI MOUNT BEATITUDES. Shalom.

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